WWEL Acknowledgements:

In deep gratitude WWEL would like to thank the individuals who have generously donated their time and talent to help forge the components of the movement and the WWEL philanthropic outreach model.

Donna Gary, Pattern Maker  (partner in every phase of fashion development)

Debbie Majors, Photographer  (WWEL events including Day of the Woman album cover)

Ed Lane, Activist/Investor  (daily managing Men For Gender Equality, a WWEL initiative)

Ivory Cunanan, Singer/Songwriter  (fashion development, live performances and music development including lead vocals in Day of the Woman)

Rachel Verret, Actress/Singer  (actor in Broken Necklace teaser and Day of the Woman singer)

Kelsey Carstedt, Actress/Philanthropist  (Day of the Woman singer)

Jeremy Contraras, Guitarist  (Day of the Woman guitars)

Trisha Mann-Grant, Actress / Host  (actor and coordinator in Broken Necklace teaser)

Anthony Grant, Actor  (Broken Necklace teaser lead role)

Jake DeMarco, Actor  (Broken Necklace teaser)

John Angileri, Investor  (financial contribution)

Eric Friesen, Aquaponics Expert  (ag-tech photos for WWEL website)