To create a ‘buying trend’ throughout the western world via Cause Entertainment and high profile activism.

To harness the single greatest resource that women in the western world have – their collective buying power.

To enable field organizations that are actively keeping girls in school to independently achieve local sustainability.

To achieve near term and longterm success in the goals and benchmarks established by WWEL initiatives.


WWEL is an international longterm transitional grassroots movement.

Worldwide Women’s Empowerment League (WWEL) is an organization being formed to introduce and manage multiple complex business initiatives designed to earn revenues for the purpose of supporting programs that improve human rights for women and girls via economic and educational empowerment. The organization will work with participating businesses, community-based organizations and individuals worldwide in implementing a comprehensive and complex series of economic initiatives. This new philanthropic model overlaps into multiple industries and across multiple economic platforms.


WWEL will coordinate participating for-profit companies in new business model economic initiatives created to earn monies ongoing to support international women empowerment programs.  To solve regionally specific complex issues WWEL will sponsor and partner with local field organizations (Community Based Organizations) that have established track records working to protect and advance women and girls in their communities.  Our goal is to improve their local operations and international outreach to a state of eventually becoming locally and regionally independently sustainable.

The initial focus of financial and strategic support will target seven specific sectors: a) formal education of girls, b) combating various forms of human-trafficking/sex-trade, c) abatement of child bride marriages, d) combating female genital mutilation/circumcision, e) an end to honor killings, f) promoting educational and economic opportunity for women and girls with oppressive/abusive histories and for those who come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, and g) building locally sustainable safe havens for women and children, ultimately governmentally-protected via international peace treaty.  As WWEL grows it will expand these initial seven sectors into more specific causes assessed to be consistent with the sole mission of the worldwide liberation of women and girls and wide scale promotion of gender equality.


WWEL is introducing long term economic initiatives that have been identified as ‘missing links’ in current international efforts to promote gender equality.  WWEL will serve as a conduit and will connect and coordinate for-profit business entities, key individuals and local community based operations in ongoing initiatives with a mission of advancing human rights and economic conditions for women and girls internationally.  A specific priority will be maintained for the access to education for all girls.  As WWEL economic initiatives become successful so will the number of CBOs supported and partnered with.  WWEL pledges to make public detailed analysis of its financial information including specific support to CBOs.