A goal-based, earned-revenue economic business initiative.

By2028 is a commerce-driven movement to cause every school-aged girl in the world to be attending school by year 2028.  The By2028 goal and mission is the most important sector on the forefront of the WWEL comprehensive and transitional worldwide effort to empower and liberate women and girls within their cultures.

Day of the Woman

Day Of The Woman is a pop music single released in 2018 featuring independent artists Ivory Cunanan, Rachel Verret and Kelsey Carlstedt.  The message of the song is simply ‘women uniting to empower women’ and the song carries the message around the world in the universal language of music.  Day Of The Woman will be subsequently released in different languages sung by different artists who will also participate in the campaign.

All revenues from downloads and broadcast royalties including advertising revenues associated with the song will be pledged perpetually and indefinitely to the By2028 mission and CBO partnership outreach program.  Day of the Woman is a flagship release created to open the opportunity for other artists to participate in this initiative by also releasing cause entertainment media where all of or a portion of the revenues generated by the media are pledged to the By2028 mission.

The By2028 economic initiative will allow various businesses from multiple industries to participate in a revenue earning campaign that contributes 20% of the gross sales toward an ongoing partnership effort supporting community-based organizations that work locally to educate girls and empower women.  For-profit businesses that have products or services that can be sold via a By2028.com shopping cart will participate in the revenue-generating initiative.  20% of the gross sales of those products will be applied ongoing to the field organization partnership effort and to other direct efforts to make education available to girls worldwide.


The only Community Based Organization that WWEL is partnering with at this time, WACENA Uganda is the exclusive designated recipient for all Day of the Women earned revenues.  Monies from downloads or royalties will be directly distributed to WACENA as earned in appropriate increments earmarked for the WACENA school budget.

Visit WACENA.org

CBOs that are actively and specifically working to keep girls in school in their communities under challenging circumstances including by paying their tuition and providing school books, uniforms and other related items will be prioritized as the By2028 initiative expands.  Also, organizations working in other capacities to advance women and girls educationally and economically will be supported because of the unique cultural and economic circumstances of this complex social issue.

By2028 is a significant part of the WWEL comprehensive grassroots movement for women empowerment.  We believe that promoting social and economic advancement of women and girls in a more broad approach in any region or culture can be a direct form of promoting the education of girls and is significant to long-term solutions to this widespread problem.

The international epidemic of lack of education for girls is a generationally perpetuating problem that can be directly tied to extreme poverty and the oppression of women in general.  The liberation of women in cultures where they now suffer oppression is the only permanent and long term solution that will cause change in the world.  The By2028 Economic Initiative is designed to be a plan that grows and perpetuates for decades after year 2028 in an ongoing permanent mission of keeping girls in school.

Every girl in school by a deadline of year 2028 is an achievable goal!  By uniform effort we can cause an end to this critical human rights deficit and its lasting detrimental consequences.  Achieving a raised socio economic status for women in impoverished and underdeveloped countries and throughout the world is the only solution to current problems that many nations face.  Access to education for girls of all ages is priority one to cause a permanent transition in our world.