CBO Partnership Outreach Program

While donations are a current necessity to sustain Community Based Organizations that are working to preserve, protect and advance women and girls, it is not the longterm aspiration or plans of WWEL for it’s CBO partners.

A New Level of Involvement with CBOs

The Path to Sustainability model is being pioneered to provide infrastructure development and training programs for WWEL CBO partners.  It is our methodology that a structured outreach partnership program encompassing installation of infrastructure and onsite education and training can elevate locally operating organizations such as WACENA to a state of becoming locally sustainable.  It is WWEL’s purpose to prove it.  We believe that through investment into and installation of ground water access, solar power capability and agriculture technology that local groups like WACENA can multiply their current productivity and yield and generate profits via local commerce.

The world has enough handmade crafts and could get by with far less fashion, but there will never be too much food.  WACENA currently raises most of its own food via primitive gardening /farming techniques and an onsite poultry operation.  The benefit of infrastructure investment and the longterm improvement in productivity has been proven at WACENA in recent years with the installation of two wells within their operation.  The wells were funded by private foreign investors and the WACENA staff managed the installations and maintains the wells.  Not only has WACENA benefited from the installation, but the entire community surrounding WACENA is enjoying an improved standard of living and a higher level of productivity.  Read More:

It is WWEL’s vision to further advance this type of involvement with and investment into WACENA and subsequently into other similar Community Based Organizations that like WACENA strive daily to protect and advance women and girls affected by their operations.  WWEL believes that an optimized CBO partnership outreach model can be forged with WACENA and implemented subsequently with other CBOs.  The longterm goal is for agrarian-capable field organizations to produce a significantly higher yield with approximately the same level of ongoing work effort.  A surplus in produce will open new business opportunities for WACENA and for other CBOs to expand the scope of their operations and the fullness of benefit to the communities they serve.